Hi, I'm Rob, a Personal Trainer and Gym Owner from Australia, who's been living and working in Thailand for the last 10 years.

You can see me on the video above starting at 11 seconds

I've always wanted to help people live better lives, and spent years working my way from the ground up to become one of the most sought after Personal Trainers in Thailand.

The problem was, the world around me was getting fatter, sicker and less active and I desperately wanted to be a part of the solution. Looking around, I realised that the mainstream fitness industry was catastrophically failing to help people achieve any kind of long term success, concentrating instead on "quick fix" solutions that just don't work, and peddling bullshit to make a quick buck.

After years of study, refinement and testing, I launched "Evolution". It uses a scientifically based framework for fitness as its foundation and a unique teaching method that instills the passion and knowledge of how to inspire long term change in Clients in the real world. It's not all just concentrating on learning facts and figures from a textbook.

Why "Evolution?" It's simple. We're leading the charge towards the future of effective, relevant, valuable fitness coaching in Asia. You have a choice to make. Be a part of the brave new solution or the same old problem.

If you’d like to discover The Evolution Way for yourself simply click the Messenger button on the bottom right side of the screen to talk to me directly!

I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Have A Look At What Some Of Our Graduates Have To Say

“By the end of the class, I felt prepared to start my new career and begin working with clients. Rob is super approachable and goes above and beyond to make sure that students are ready to safely begin working.”

“I enjoyed the personal attention and fun learning atmosphere during the course. The post-course support that Rob has provided has been valuable as I grow my business.”