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1What Is The CES Course?
The CES course expands on the assessments and corrective exercises which are introduced on the NASM-CPT course.

If you haven't done the CPT course (but have another PT certification, see next question!) that's ok! You will be introduced to the original concepts and learn the expanded information throughout the course.

At the end of the course you will have a solid understanding of what dysfunctional movement looks like (if you can't see it, you can't fix it) and an extensive array of tools you can implement with your clients to correct it.

Anyone who's worked with any clients will know that chronic pain and dyfunctional movement is a huge issue, and having the tools to address it make you a better trainer, and therefore more valuable to your clients.
2Who Is This Course For?
CES candidates must have:
  • A current NASM-CPT certification, or
  • A current health and fitness certification accredited by NCCA, NBFE or DETC, or
  • REPs Level 3 or higher credential (candidates outside of the US only), or
  • 4-year collegiate degree or
  • Be a current Licensed or Certified Massage Therapist
3How Much Is The Course?
The course cost is 35,000 Baht.
4What Will I Get When I Buy The Course?
  • 4 days of interactive learning together with an NASM Master Coach
  • Online Exam
  • Textbook
  • Study Guide
  • Online Lectures
  • 9 Video Demonstrations
  • Interactive Quizzes & Case Studies
  • Online Exercise Library with over 200 exercise demonstrations
  • Online Practice Exam
  • Goniometric Assessment Online Course
  • A unique teaching method that focuses more on making you a great athlete and Coach than making sure you can repeat information like a parrot
  • A place in the Evolution family, which means you'll always have the support you need, whenever you need it
5Why Should I Take This Course With Evolution?
Because we believe it’s the best!

Well, we would say that, wouldn’t we?!

But in all honesty, we really try to do everything we possibly can to make that a reality.

We selected the course in the first place because it fits with our mantra of “don’t sell bullshit”. With so much junk out there, we wanted to bring something to the market that actually benefits the Coaches and most importantly, the clients in a real and genuine way.

Our students are our best asset. When they feel like something is interesting, or needs improving, or could be adapted in another way - they tell us!

That’s why we’ve created a whole host of additional material to make your learning experience better.

This material is exclusive to people who take the course with us and takes us a lot of time and effort to put together, but we don’t charge you a single Baht for any of it.


Because your success is the best form of return on investment we could ever ask for.
6I'm In! How Do I Sign Up?
Great News!

We look forward to having you on the course and we always love having old students back, or adding new members to the Evolution Family to join the Fitness Education Revolution.

Please get in touch with us using the form at the bottom of this page, and we'll let you know how to pay and what happens next.

Speak soon :)

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